Introducing the Stellar Operator Alliance

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, NOVEMBER 18, 2015 – Stellar Labs, the first complete digital marketplace for private aviation, today announced the launch of the Stellar Operator Alliance. The Alliance includes many of private aviation’s top brands and Part 135 operators representing 510 aircraft. Stellar expects to double the number of aircraft on its platform over the next six months.

“Most tech-based companies in private aviation have focused on slick apps, backed up by mainly manual processes,” said Stellar CEO Paul Touw. “We believe that in order to create real value, we needed to change the operating economics for Part 135 operators. We know that we are on the right path because six of operators have also invested in Stellar Labs.”

Stellar’s operator tools deliver revenue management, optimization, pricing, scheduling and payments. And, every data element in Stellar is instantly selectable, searchable, and viewable by our advanced analytics engine.

“We spent 84,000 hours manually generating quotes last year,” said Landmark Aviation President Ben Murray. “With Stellar, quotes are generated in seconds with far greater accuracy. So now we can focus on the customer.”

Stellar built the first multi-tenant, cloud-based aircraft scheduling system for private aviation allowing operators to drag-and-drop trips between aircraft in their fleet and even their partner’s fleet. Stellar uses revolutionary new optimization algorithms to optimize aircraft schedules at the point of pricing a trip, not just as a batch-job run the night before.

Jamie Walker, President & CEO of Jet Linx Aviation, said “The fleet optimization we can achieve with Stellar will allow us to grow our revenue, improve our business with other operators, and make us more efficient.”


Stellar is the first complete digital marketplace for private aviation. Designed by four PhDs, a team of over 30 developers, and a veteran leadership team from Silicon Valley, Stellar brings together the most advanced technologies and data science to streamline private aviation for travelers and operators. Stellar’s proprietary operator technology integrates with the first all-digital distribution network making thousands of flights instantly available to anyone.