Stellar Labs Launches the First Complete Digital Marketplace for Private Aviation

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, NOVEMBER 16, 2015 – Stellar Labs, the first complete digital marketplace for private aviation, today announced the launch of the Stellar Operator platform. Stellar’s advanced science and technology delivers real-time revenue management, optimization, pricing and scheduling.

“We started with the hardest scientific problem first,” said Stellar Labs CEO Paul Touw. “We built a next generation platform for operators to manage their Part 135 commercial operations in one unified, digital system.”

Stellar’s technology was created for operators by aviation veterans and Silicon Valley technologists. The platform has six core capabilities: automated pricing; revenue management; schedule optimization; electronic payments; advanced analytics and network integration.


Stellar’s revenue management platform allows operators to create pricing policy with precision in the same way as commercial airlines and national hotels do. With predictive aircraft performance and route optimization, Stellar can price a trip automatically and more precisely than ever.


The science of revenue management (RM) changed most travel industries. This technology is now available to business aviation. In RM, it’s not always about price, but also about volume. Stellar’s RM tools help operators maximize revenue for any market or pricing scenario.


Stellar employed some of the foremost PhDs in vehicle routing optimization. The result is high-speed optimization so advanced it can run in milliseconds at the time of pricing giving operators optimum fleet routing at minimum cost.


Stellar built a high-value payments system able to move money from within the Stellar platform, electronically sign contracts and securely pay anywhere within the Stellar network. Stellar is the most efficient way to get paid, and pay for flight services.


Stellar built in enterprise-grade advanced analytics from day one. Every data element in Stellar is instantly selectable, searchable, and viewable by its advanced analytics engine. New analytic queries and exploration can be generated by a business analyst without the need for an expensive data-mining consultant.


Stellar is a real-time network. Operators can source available partner aircraft or recovery aircraft in seconds. Operators can share aircraft pricing and availability with their partners and easily find transient or empty-leg opportunities.

“Stellar is creating a platform for operators that will finally bring us out of the Stone Age,” said STAjets CEO Kurt Belcher. “It delivers optimized pricing and quoting instantaneously which will allow us to serve customers far more efficiently than we’re able to do today.”


Stellar Labs CEO Paul Touw is an aerospace engineer and pilot turned entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in technology and aviation. He has founded and led many successful Silicon Valley startups including co-founding Ariba, Inc., a Fortune 500 B2B e-commerce marketplace, and founding XOJET, Inc., one of the largest jet charter operators in North America. As CEO, he blends extensive aerospace, software technology, and aviation management experience at Stellar.


Stellar is the first complete digital marketplace for private aviation. Designed by four PhDs, a team of over 30 developers, and a veteran leadership team from Silicon Valley, Stellar brings together the most advanced technologies and data science to streamline private aviation for travelers and operators. Stellar’s proprietary operator technology integrates with the first all-digital distribution network making thousands of flights instantly available to anyone.