Unlock your fleet’s potential

Introducing the most advanced commercial operations system ever designed for Part 135 operators.

Stellar and Rockwell Collins are creating a unified cloud-based platform that will include Stellar’s revenue management, optimization, and marketplace capabilities with all of the market leading functionality of ARINCDirect® FOS (Flight Operations System).

Dynamic aircraft scheduling & collaboration

Dynamic aircraft scheduling & collaboration

Stellar built the first multi-tenant, cloud-based aircraft scheduling system. Drag and drop trips from one aircraft to another. Push trips automatically onto partner aircraft. Dynamically view your schedule across time zones, dates, and time periods while collaborating with partners in real time.

Global distribution and payments (GDS)

Global distribution and payments (GDS)

Stellar is the first all-digital global distribution system (GDS) for business aviation. Stellar not only allows you to price your fleet in seconds, but it also allows you to price hundreds of available partner aircraft. Secure aircraft while moving funds through our electronic payments network.

Advanced high-speed optimization

Advanced high-speed optimization

Stellar uses revolutionary new optimization algorithms to optimize aircraft schedules in milliseconds. Advanced optimization assures optimum routing and minimum deadheading. Our optimization can be used at the point of pricing a trip, not just as a batch-job run the night before.

Game-changing revenue management (RM)

Game-changing revenue management (RM)

The science of revenue management (RM) changed most travel industries. Now this science can change business aviation. Stellar allows you to precisely analyze your revenue with advanced analytics, giving you powerful tools to institute RM pricing policy. Our systems are designed to handle over a million pricing and policy applicability rules, while producing pricing in less than a few seconds.

Game-changing revenue management (RM)

Flight Operations Management

Stellar’s deep integration with Rockwell Collins’ FOS provides real-time availability data. Booked trips and positioning legs are then pushed back into FOS ensuring both systems work as one.

Launch your operation into the 21st century.

We started with the hardest scientific problem first—build a next-generation platform for operators to manage their Part 135 commercial operations in one unified digital system. From powerful revenue management to automated quoting and advanced optimization built right in, Stellar can streamline your business.
Automated Pricing

Generate precision quotes automatically & instantly

Stellar’s revenue management platform allows you to create pricing policy with precision—just like commercial airlines and national hotels do. With predictive aircraft performance and route optimization, we can price a trip automatically and more precisely than ever before.

Revenue Management

Maximize revenue with revenue management

The science of revenue management (RM) changed most travel industries. Now this technology is available to business aviation. In RM, it’s not always about price, but also about volume. Stellar’s RM tools help you maximize revenue for any market or pricing scenario.


Minimize cost with advanced optimization

Stellar employed some of the foremost PhDs in vehicle routing optimization. The result is high-speed optimization so advanced it can run in milliseconds at the point of pricing, giving you optimum fleet routing at minimum cost.

Electronic Payments

Securely process high-value payments effortlessly

Stellar built a high-value payments system able to move money from within the Stellar platform, electronically sign contracts, and securely pay anywhere within the Stellar network. Stellar is the most efficient way to get paid, and pay for flight services.

Advanced Analytics

Understand your business with advanced analytics built in

Stellar built in enterprise-grade advanced analytics from day one. Every data element in Stellar is instantly selectable, searchable, and viewable by our advanced analytics engine. What’s more, new analytics can be generated by a business analyst, not a data mining consultant.

Network integration

Collaborate on a real-time network

With Stellar, you are part of a secure, real-time network. Source available partner aircraft or a recovery aircraft in seconds. Share aircraft pricing and availability with your partners. Find transient or deadhead aircraft opportunities instantly. With Stellar, a new world of network opportunities emerges.

The best brands and Part 135 operators trust Stellar.

We spent 84,000 hours manually generating quotes last year. With Stellar, quotes are generated in seconds with far greater accuracy. So now we can focus on the customer.

Stellar is creating a platform for operators that will finally bring us out of the Stone Age. It delivers optimized pricing and quoting instantaneously, which will allow us to serve customers far more efficiently than we’re able to do today.

What Stellar is doing has the potential to radically change the industry and expand the market for private aviation.

I believe Stellar is going to double the size of this industry by making access to business aviation vastly more simple, easy, and available to anyone, anywhere online.

The fleet optimization we can achieve with Stellar will allow us to grow our revenue, improve our business with other operators, and make us more efficient.

Now for the fun part.

Even though Stellar is one of the most advanced systems, it’s actually really easy to use and implement. That’s because we designed it that way here in Silicon Valley, California.

Stellar operators web app Stellar operators web app Stellar operators web app Stellar operators web app Stellar operators web app Stellar operators web app Stellar operators web app

Integrating Stellar into your business.