Stellar Labs Acquires Aviation Technology Specialist Flightapps

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, OCTOBER 12, 2016 – Stellar Labs Inc. (”Stellar”), the first complete digital marketplace for private aviation, has announced the acquisition of the full-service aviation-technology firm FlightApps. The acquisition accelerates Stellar’s ability to deliver its advanced commercial operations management technology to Part 135 charter operators. The FlightApps team will also drive implementation and support for Stellar’s next generation flight operations management platform for both Part 135 charter operators and corporate flight departments.

The acquisition follows the recent announcement that Stellar has partnered with Rockwell Collins to co-develop the platform which will combine ARINCDirect® FOS (Flight Operations System) with Stellar’s solutions for revenue management, optimization, marketplace charter and collaboration into one easy-to- use, fully integrated system in the cloud.

FlightApps is the leading provider of private aviation technology and application service support. The company has significant expertise with flight operations management software and is the largest third-party implementation and hosting service provider for FOS. FlightApps supports over 200 operators including 50 of the nation’s largest flight departments.

“FlightApps has been a powerful implementation partner over the past year and we are very excited they have now joined our team,” said Stellar President David Fox. “The team brings both highly-experienced technical resources and valuable knowledge of operators’ systems and practices. Their expertise with FOS aligns with our long-term development plans to co-develop a next generation flight operations management system with Rockwell Collins.”

Corporate flight departments will benefit from the transition to a cloud-based flight operations management platform that will be instantly accessible from web browsers and mobile devices with improved features including automated itineraries, dynamic scheduling and fleet optimization. They will also be able to seamlessly source and pay for charter aircraft in minutes with no phone calls or emails required.

“I believe Stellar is poised to fundamentally change business aviation for both Part 135 charter operators and flight departments,” said FlightApps CEO Brent Moldowan. “The industry has been asking for a step-change from what’s currently available for a long time and this is it.

Stellar has the vision, team, technology and financial resources to make it a reality in a very short time. This will be a win for both commercial operators and flight departments. We are proud help bring the industry we love into the digital economy.”

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