Stellar Launches New Business Aviation Marketplace

Business-to-business exchange provides accuracy, efficiency and reliability

LAS VEGAS – October 17, 2019 – Stellar Labs today announced the launch of the Stellar Marketplace, an independent, business-to-business, online exchange for business aviation. Available now, the Stellar Marketplace allows charter operators, brokers, and corporate flight departments to quickly and conveniently source off-fleet aircraft from other operators. Stellar will demonstrate the Stellar Marketplace in booth C11422 at the 2019 NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition.

The Stellar Marketplace is an independent and neutral electronic exchange, providing unbiased exposure for all members. Trusted partners come together in an online exchange to conduct off-fleet sourcing transactions. The easy-to-use interface allows buyers and sellers of charter flights to offer, search for, quote and book available aircraft using real-time pricing, availability and safety information. The results are unprecedented accuracy, efficiency and reliability. 

Stellar’s sophisticated algorithms process real-time information from participating sellers’ scheduling systems to determine accurate pricing and assured feasibility of all offered flight options. Information can include aircraft specifications, locations and availability; crew qualification and availability; routing feasibility and restrictions; and detailed, accurate pricing that reflects individual discounts an operator offers to each business partner. For confidentiality and security, operators can choose what information to list in the Stellar Marketplace and which potential buyers to share it with. 

“Current off-fleet sourcing solutions have unreliable information, are slowed down with manual processes or are hard to search. These issues cause wasted time and loss of sales,” said Stellar’s founder and chief executive officer, David Fox. “Because the Stellar Marketplace pulls reliable, up-to-date information directly from an operator’s schedule board, members with off-fleet sourcing needs now have a single source of truth for pricing and scheduling.”

Streamlined workflows in the Stellar Marketplace reduce the wait time, manual processes and double data entry that are common in today’s charter solutions. Selling operators easily list their  aircraft availability and pricing in the Stellar Marketplace for the partners they choose to work with, and buyers select from available options to fit their specific needs. Listings may include the specific terms and conditions a selling operator has placed on each of its buying business partners. 

About Stellar Labs   

Stellar is reimagining and revolutionizing business aviation. We’re bringing together advanced technologies to build the most complete and innovative operations management solution for operators, corporate flight departments, brokers and their customers. With a new technology platform, built from the ground up for this purpose, Stellar will drive transformative operational improvements in the business aviation sector, radically improving efficiency, profitability and customer experience.