Stellar Marketplace Now Enables On- and Off-Fleet Options

Finding the best option for a trip can be a time consuming and frustrating process. With the addition of on-fleet options, the Stellar Marketplace makes it easier to find the optimal tail option while greatly reducing the time, phone calls and emails needed to win the sale. 

With a single click, obtain pricing for your entire fleet. On-fleet options will automatically calculate pricing, including repositioning, as well as provide valuable selection criteria such as passenger capacity and other aircraft data. Whether optimizing for price, margin, or route, on-fleet options simplify the process.

Seeking options outside of your fleet? Stellar Marketplace makes it easy to collaborate with your partners to generate off-fleet options. The Stellar Marketplace brings trusted partners together to conduct off-fleet sourcing transactions with unprecedented accuracy, efficiency and trust. Powering the Stellar Marketplace is an advanced, rules-based pricing engine that lets sellers control and automate their prices with unmatched precision and flexibility. From request for quote to booking request, the Stellar Marketplace supports all the essential workflows between partners.