Stellar is in the news

  • 5.23.16

    Private aviation looks to technological advances for growth

    As business jets go it is hard to beat Air Force One, the airliner used by US presidents, which comes complete with a hospital and conference room.

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  • 2.15.16

    Jet firms take to European skies

    The private jet industry in the UK is picking up speed with new firms set to enter the market later this year. Jet financing firm Global Jet Capital

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  • 9.18.15

    Stellar Labs Books $7M for Business Aviation Marketplace

    Stellar Labs Inc., a startup in stealth mode, is quietly developing a business aviation marketplace. The company is focused on refining a back end network for flight operators–managing such things as automated scheduling, predictive pricing and route optimization–that can yield fast search results and booking to users. Eventually, such efforts could be used to spit out quick price quotes to consumers on apps.

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